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Anonymous asked:

I know this is kinda weird, But how cruel was the death of Jesus?



Okay, so I went to jerusalem and walked the Via Dolorosa (the road to the cross) in the bible it describes the entire journey to the cross. And they marked the stages on the Via Dolorosa…. It was emotional to say the least. Hallelujah what a saviour. Anyway, his death wasn’t just ordinary. Yes crucifixion is extremely painful. Jesus died of suffocation due to the weight of his body crushing his lungs. He would have broken bones and bled out terribly. I learned that the Romans knew a specific place to nail people in the palms so that they would bleed out as slowly and painfully as possible. So of course being crucified is horrific and dreadfully unbearable, but what is more painful is having the weight of THE ENTIRE WORLD’s SIN UPON HIM. He saw my sin, he saw yours. He did it for EVERYONE not just those who love Him. Those who reject Him and those who were actually killing him. Jesus was perfect, the only way and the only sacrifice for our sins. He is the lamb of God. His death was painful to say the least. Such a beautiful saviour. I cry a lot because he didn’t have to do it, he had a choice. But He did it for us, because His love is just too great. What’s more important is that he lived for us too, he humbled himself and after he died he was resurrected and is forever glorified. He is alive and he defeated death itself.


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